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I began to build the Windows Punching Backend, using a WINNT User mode dll to perform CPU register read/write operations from user mode. Additionally wrote documentation.

-- Sven @ winXp workstation at Susanne

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2   The Paper Tape Project - Using Windows
3   ======================================
5   Most work at the paper tape project was performed on Unix operating
6   systems (like Linux). With their powerful shells its quite easy
7   to perform various operations like transforming ASCII hex code files
8   to binary files, truncate or add null bytes, generate bit musters
9   (e.g. as paper tape labels or for testing purposes) and read in
10   or punch out, because you can concate simply every program with
11   every else - following the Unix philosophy:
13    * Write programs that do one thing and do it well.
14    * Write programs to work together.
15    * Write programs to handle text streams, because that is a
16          universal interface
17                          (
19   Microsoft Windows doesn't follow this philosophy, and therefore
20   it's not comfortable at all while working in the Paper Tape Project.
21   On the other hand, I was requested to program a punching GUI for
22   Microsoft Windows. Therefore I have programed a M$ Windows parallel
23   port driver and a GTK graphical user interface.
25   To compile these things on Windows, I use MinGW and MSYS, as well
26   as the precompiled GTK+ libraries and header files for Windows.
27   This documentation shall give a small overview how to setup an
28   environment. Programing has been tested at Windows 2000 and
29   Windows XP. Generally, the old Win 9x tree is no more supported.
31   Setting up the Windows Environment
32   ----------------------------------
33   You need to install, in order:
35   1. MinGW. The most simple is the Automated MinGW Installer. See
37   2. MSYS, if you want.
38   3. The latest version of GTK+ (2.10.0 or newer)
41   Sven Köppel, $Id$
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