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10<p>Welcome to the <b>Punched Paper Project</b>. This is a small website
11   that informs you about the goals and progress of that project</p>
13<h2>In a nutshell</h2>
14<p>The goal of this project is to handle various antiquated storage
15   media with today's computers. Such media are especially paper tapes
16   and punch cards.
17   <br/>This project started as <b>Paper Tape Project</b> with drivers
18   that make PCs capable to
19   communicate with paper tape readers and writers, so we can now read
20   and write paper tapes under various operating systems (GNU/Linux,
21   Micrsoft Windows). Then we got visualizing and operating tools for
22   paper tape data, as well as font/label generators for paper tapes.
23   <br/>In 2009, we got the idea to make punch card devices run at
24   computers, too. So I've renamed the whole project to <b>Punched
25   Paper Project</b>.
28<h2>Who's running the project</h2>
29<p>The Punched Paper Project is an <b>Open Source</b> project by a
30   german student. It's hosted on the servers of the german computer
31   museum <a href="">technikum29</a>.</p>
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