source: projects/visualisator/gtkpapertape.h @ 22

Last change on this file since 22 was 22, checked in by sven, 11 years ago

Great directory restructuring: The GtkPaperTape files are now splitted
up in their own directory and all using shorter names and labels:
PaperTape::Color in favour of GtkPaperTapeColor. Furthermore all files
are in revision progress, started a bit with zoom.h/ and
greatly with file.h. Work still in progress -- this commit won't
compile at all!

Fixed a small bug in lochstreifen.c that caused crashing at repainting
because the callback function pointer was not initialized to NULL.

-- Sven @ workstation

File size: 288 bytes
1#ifndef __GTK_PAPER_TAPE_H__
2#define __GTK_PAPER_TAPE_H__
5 * Master include file, like "#include <gtk.h>"
6 * or "#include <gtkmm>".
7 *
8 */
10#include "lochstreifen.h"
11#include "papertape/chrome.h"
12#include "papertape/view.h"
13#include "papertape/file.h"
15#endif // __GTK_PAPER_TAPE_H__
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