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Englische Termine: "Dynamischer Inhalt"-Flag angeschaltet, sodass nicht mehr alte Termine angezeigt werden, sondern stets der neuste Stand der deutschen Seite.

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3 * Termine im Englischen sind, auf Heriberts Wunsch im Juni 2017 entstanden.
4 *
5 * Die Idee dieser Umsetzung ist, dass die deutsche Seite angezeigt wird und
6 * darueber ein Hinweis, der in etwa die Message trägtt "Sieht, bei uns ist
7 * viel los, wir können das gar nicht alles übersetzen".
8 *
9 */
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13        $titel = 'Events and guided tours';
14        $dynamischer_inhalt = true; /* in order that page updates whenever included german page updates */
16        require "../lib/technikum29.php";
20<h2>Events and guided tours</h2>
22<p>We don't have daily tours at technikum29 computer museum, but instead a lively timetable full
23of specialized events tailored for the registered audience. We invite anybody to register by writing
24an email to <a href=""></a>. This also applies to
25international publicum. Currently we can offer guided tours only in German language.
27<p>Next to the typical guided tour, we have built up a broad curriculum on
28<a href="/en/education.php">educational courses and workshops for children</a>, "research"-like
29<a href="/en/study-projects.php">school projects</a>, artistic
30<a href="/en/miscellaneous.php#music">music projects</a> and
31<a href="/en/miscellaneous.php#leander">art projects</a>. We also frequently host public evening
32talks for general purpose outreach.
34<p>The following information is merely a copy of our <a href="/de/termine.php">calender of tours and
35events for the German-speaking audience</a>. We can hardly translate the frequent changes and it is
36probably also of little interest for non-German speaking visitors.
39<!-- Links from no-translation.php -->
40<?php $path = "/de/termine.php"; ?>
41<p>You can also access machine-translated versions of the dates, ie. the <a href="<?=$path; ?>&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dtechnikum29%26hl%3Den%26lr%3D%26sa%3DN">Google translation "Events"</a> or the
42<a href="<?=$path; ?>">Bing translation "Events"</a>.
45<!-- From here, everything is from the german termine.php page -->
47        /* This only works because ../lib/
48           recognizes loop includes and is skipped in
49           ../de/termine.php */
50        include "../de/termine.php";
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