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1<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"
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3<html xmlns="" xml:lang="en">
4<head><!--#set var="title"        value="We are looking for..."
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12     <title>Technikum29 - <!--#echo var="title" --></title>
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26<div id="content">
27    <h2><!--#echo var="title" --></h2>
29    <div class="box left">
30        <img src="/shared/photos/rechnertechnik/gamma-10-drucker.jpg" alt="Printer from the BULL GAMMA 10 EDP" width="237" height="256" class="nomargin-bottom" />
31        <p class="bildtext">
32            This is the printer from our <a href="/en/computer/tabulating-machine.shtm#bull10">BULL GAMMA 10</a>, but
33            unfortunately it is incomplete: The small case with the auxillary electronics is missing. Therefore we are looking for a complete printer or a part from another GAMMA 10 setup.
34                </p>
35                <div class="clear"></div>
36    </div>
38        <h3>Devices and Manuals</h3>
40    <p>We are always looking for:</p>
41    <ul>
42        <li>An old <b>PET 2001</b> from Commodore (even if they are scrap)</li>
43        <li>A manual for the <a href="/en/computer/commercial.shtm#backlink-ncr">NCR 446</a> (or at least a copy)</li>
44        <li>Any kind of tube calculators</li>
45        <li>Very old plotter</li>
46        <li>Any kind of telegraph technology</li>
47        <li>All manuals for the <a href="/en/computer/tabulating-machine.shtm#bull3">BULL GAMMA 3</a> and <a href="/en/computer/tabulating-machine.shtm#bull10">GAMMA 10</a></li>
48        <li>... and everything that is suitable for our collection</li>
49      </ul>
51    <div class="box left">
52        <img src="/shared/photos/rechnertechnik/typenrad.jpg" alt="character wheel, type wheel" />
53        <div class="bildtext">
54           <h3>Type wheel</h3>
55           <p>We are looking for a replacement for the type wheel displayed at the left. The diameter is about 9cm. It was used in the console printer from the <a href="/computer/univac9400.shtm">UNIVAC mainframe</a> and was probably also used in other printers.
56           <br/>Unfortunately the type wheel on the left has a wrong order of the letters.</p>
57        </div>
58    </div>
60</div><!-- end of content -->
61<!--#include virtual="/en/inc/" -->
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