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Kursseiten: Heriberts Wunsch nach weniger Abstand um kleine Bilder umgesetzt.

Sitemaps: Hinweis auf anderssprachige Sitemaps.

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2        $seiten_id = 'sitemap';
3        $version = '$Id: sitemap.php 565 2014-06-05 12:48:12Z sven $';
4        $titel = 'Sitemap';
6        require("../lib/sitemap.php");
8    <h2>Sitemap</h2>
9    <p>
10        This is a complete hierarchical display of all pages of the technikum29
11        website. If you are looking for a device or want to get a quick overview,
12        this might be the right place. You can also use <a href="/en/search.php">our search
[1080]13        page</a>. Note as this is a Germany based institute, our primary website language
14        is German. Thus the <a href="/de/sitemap.php">sitemap for German pages</a> is slightly
15        more comprehensive (larger) as we don't have all pages translated to English.
[580]16    </p>
18    <?php
19        print_sitemap();
20    ?>
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