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IBM 1130 Teilesuche eingefügt. Anelex gelöscht

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8    <h2>We are looking for...</h2>
11<p><b>We soon get a complete IBM 1130 ("electronic computing system"), built circa 1965/66.
12Therefore we are looking for anything that can be raise for this computer: Manuals, programs and boards especially with the small monolithic ICs.</b><br>
13Old IBM engineers: Please browse through your basement, whether you still can find something about IBM 1130 System. Thank you very much!</p>
17        <h3>Devices and Manuals</h3>
19    <p>We are always looking for:</p>
20    <ul>
21        <li>Any kind of tube calculators, for example LGP-30</li>
22        <li>Very old plotter</li>
23        <li>Any kind of telegraph technology</li>
24        <li>All manuals for the <a href="/en/computer/tabulating-machine.php#bull3">BULL GAMMA 3</a> and BULL GAMMA 55</li>
25        <li>... and everything that is suitable for our collection</li>
26      </ul>
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