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    196196        <h2>Teletype technology</h2>
     198        <div id="t32" class="box left">
     199          <a href="/shared/photos/kommunikationstechnik/siemens-t32.jpg"><img src="/shared/photos/kommunikationstechnik/siemens-t32.jpg" width="435" height="415"/></a>
     200                <p class="bildtext">
     201                    Siemens Springschreiber T32
     202                </p></div>
     204<p>     The heyday of mechanics in telecommunications was clearly marked by a wide
     205variety of teletypewriters (by the way - this reflects until today in the
     206naming of serial line interface devices in UNIX which are traditionally called
     207"tty"). The so-called "Springschreiber T32" is quite rare and was built between
     208the 1930s and the 1950s. It writes onto a narrow paper strip. It is built so
     209heavily that it is nearly indestructible. As F. Schiweck ("Fernschreibtechnik",
     2101942) notes:<br>
     212<blockquote>"The Teletypewriter is one of this most stunning productions and a marvel of
     213mechanical design. It requires the best materials available and is a marvel of
     214construction. According to general opinion, its relability of operation is
     215extremely high."</blockquote>
     218Back in those heydays of mechanical engineering the field engineers required a
     219steady hand, good hearing to spot troublesome noises, and, of course, an oil
     220can as well. Their profession vanished in the 1980s.</p>
    198222    <!--
    299323               typically German devices.
    300324               <br/>The picture above shows the <b>Olympia flexowriter</b>
    301                with two paaper tape readers and one paper tape puncher,
     325               with two paper tape readers and one paper tape puncher,
    302326               year of manufacture 1962.</p>
    303327        </div>
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