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  • en/computer/punchcard.shtm

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    7474    <div class="box center">
     75        <a name="univac1710"><img src="/shared/photos/rechnertechnik/univac1710.jpg" alt="UNIVAC 1710 Verifying Interpreting Punch" width="580" height="435" /></a>
     76        <p class="bildtext-bildbreite" style="width: 580px;">
     77           The <b>UNIVAC 1710 Verifying Interpreting Punch</b> (VIP) was released at
     78           the same time like the <a href="univac9400.shtm">UNIVAC 9400 mainframe</a>
     79           in the year 1969. This device is very fast and versatile and works mostly
     80           electronically. Most likely, Univac wanted to trump IBM with this
     81           trendsetting device. The device's internals are very elaborate, but offer
     82           many advantages, compared to usual apperatures at that time:
     83           <br/>It featured semiconductor storage for both data and programs. It could
     84           handle eight programs and four auxillary data storages &ndash; programming
     85           was performed automatically once program cards have been inserted, and
     86           programs could be changed at the touch of a key. The device furthermore
     87           featured program-controlled printing during punching and verification;
     88           Keypunching errors were electronically corrected, since cards were punched
     89           only after all entries were in storage. Verifying and correction comprised
     90           a one-pass operation. Verified cards were uniquely notched while error
     91           cards were automatically ejected to a separate stacker.
     92           <br/>The device also features a large illuminated digital display that
     93           indicates which program is in control, furthermore the device could be
     94           used for subsequent card labeling. However, the device had always
     95           mechanical problems: The type wheel print was of bad quality and the
     96           card feeding could easily stop working when the adjustment wasn't
     97           perfectly fitting.
     98         </p>
     99    </div>
     101    <div class="box center">
    75102        <a href="/en/devices/punchcard-sorter.shtm" name="backlink-sorter"><img src="/shared/photos/rechnertechnik/ibm-082-sorter.jpg" alt="IBM 082 sorter" width="361" height="287" /><img style="margin-left: 2px;" src="/shared/photos/rechnertechnik/ibm-082-sorter.offen.jpg" alt="IBM 082 sorter (without cover)" width="215" height="287" /></a>
    76103        <p class="center">
  • en/devices/univac9400/bandcontroller-lamps.shtm

    r119 r120  
    3131        the processor and from the controller with a switch-register
    3232        featuring a lamp display. That way, a malfunction can be
    33         narrowed down.
    34     </p>
    35     <!--
    36     <ul id="nav">
    37         <li><a href="/en/computer/univac9400.shtm#backlink-bandcontroller">Univac 9400 overview</a></li>
    38         <li><a href="/en/">technikum29 homepage</a></li>
    39     </ul>
    40     -->
     33        narrowed down, since any data could be recored externally and analyzed
     34        manually afterwards.</p>
     35        <p>On the upper picture you see the panel of the tape unit, below the
     36        panel of the disc controlling unit.</p>
     37    </div>
     38    <img src="/shared/photos/rechnertechnik/univac/disk-pannel.jpg" alt="Lämpchen des Disk-Controllers" width="444" height="382" />
    4139  </div>
  • en/news.shtm

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    2929    <ul class="news-feed">
     30                <li><h3>October 2009</h3>
     31                    <div class="box left">
     32                        <img src="/shared/photos/rechnertechnik/1710.jpg" alt="Photography of the Univac 1770 verifying interpreting punch" width="166" height="136" class="nomargin-bottom" />
     33                        <p class="bildtext">
     34                                New devices: <a href="/en/computer/punchcard.shtm#univac1710" class="go">UNIVAC 1710 Verifying Interpreting Punch</a>
     35                                <br/>suitable to our <a href="/en/computer/univac9400.shtm">Univac 9400 mainframe</a>
     36                        </p>
     37                        <div class="clear"></div>
     38                    </div>
     39                </li>
    3041                <li><h3>October 2009</h3>
    3142                    There's a new page, <a class="goto" href="development-projects.shtm">Development Projects</a>,
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