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    1010       <div class="leftcol">
    1111         <div class="besonderes">
    12            <h2>What's special about it?</h2>
     12           <h2>Operational computer history</h2>
    1313           <ul>
    14                <li>Our museum shows the interesting development of technology
    15                    that strongly influences our life</li>
    16                <li>In contrast to similar museums that normally only exhibit
    17                    the history of technology without showing their functionality,
    18                    almost all devices in the technikum29 are operational and are
    19                    demonstrated during the guided tours. So you get a totally
    20                    different picture of that time. This is quite absolutely
    21                    unique </li>
     14               <li>Almost all exhibits in our museum are restored and fully functional:
     15                   They can be turned on and take the user back to a time of
     16                   oil, mechanics, shaky buttons and glowing bulbs.
     17               <li>This is very different to popular computer history and science
     18                   museums. The operation of our devices are always demonstrated
     19                   during the guided tours. Visitors
     20                   get a completely different impression of the circumstances of
     21                   that time. Most likely, this is unique worldwide.
     22               <li>We concentrate on the first devices which were called "computers",
     23                   i.e. a time span of roughly 1880 until 1970. We do not cover
     24                   personal computers (late 1970s and beyond) at all. On principle,
     25                   almost all of our machines are big and bulky, they can be opened
     26                   and one can watch the machine do computational steps. From our
     27                   best knowledge, we are the only living computer museum covering
     28                   this early period of rising electric computing.
    2229           </ul>
    2330          </div>
    2532        <div class="wen">
    26             <h2>Target group</h2>
     33            <h2>Didactics and labs</h2>
    2734            <ul>
    28                 <li>"Old veterans" who might become enthusiastic while
    29                     actually using devices from their former days</li>
    30                 <li>Interested people who want to trace the process of
    31                     origin of today's technolgy. You don't have to be
    32                     an expert: Almost everybody can find an interesting
    33                     part in our broad spectrum of possibilities.</li>
    34                 <li>Student groups (at least 10 years old), firms outgoing, etc.</li>
     35                <li>Naturally, our museum attracks "veterans" who worked with
     36                    these machines in the past. We recognize the knowledge and
     37                    work together to restore the machines.
     38                <li>Our most pleasant target group are young kids, school classes
     39                    and students.
     40                    We organize workshops to build and program both old and new
     41                    technology.
     42                <li>On a regular level, we carry out guided tours for everybody.
     43                    We attract people throughout Germany and neighbouring contries.
     44                    <!--However, our tours are only held in German.-->
     45                <li>We also host cultural events in the scope of broadcasting
     46                    our message. We frequently invite speakers from science and
     47                    industry in order to highlight the development and importance
     48                    of computer history.
    3549            </ul>
    3650        </div>
    3953      <div class="rightcol">
    40         <div class="wo">
    41             <h2>Location</h2>
    42             <ul>
    43                 <li>The museum is located in Germany, close to Frankfurt am Main
    44                     (more precisely: 65779 Kelkheim). It is privately owned
    45                     and run.</li>
    46                 <li>See <a class="go" href="contact.php">contact data</a></li>
    47             </ul>
    48         </div>
    5054        <div class="foto">
    5155                <img src="/shared/photos/start/museum.jpg" alt="Photo of the museum building" width="338" height="228" />
    5357        </div>
     59        <div class="wo">
     60            <h2>Location</h2>
     61            <ul>
     62                <li>The museum is located in the center of Germany, close to
     63                    Frankfurt am Main. It is privately owned and run.
     64                <li>For details, see <a class="go" href="contact.php">contact data</a></li>
     65            </ul>
     66        </div>
    5568        <div class="wann">
    5669            <h2>Opening hours</h2>
    5770            <ul>
     71                <li>We don't have regular opening hours. Instead, we accept only
     72                    group bookings for guided tours. Minimum number of participants 8,
     73                    maximum 20, ideal 10-16.
    5874                <li>Guides are available only in German language.
    59                 <li>We accept only group bookings. Minimum number of participants 8, maximum 20, ideal 10-16.
    60                     Students have free admission.
    61                 </li>
    62             </ul>
    63         </div>
    65         <div class="erwartung">
    66             <h2>Provided services</h2>
    67             <ul>
    68                 <li>Visits are always connected to a guided tour and at least one
    69                    presentation on a particular topic. Student groups get an
    70                    educational tour, divided in three modules.
     75                <li>Students have free admission.
    7176                </li>
    7277            </ul>
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