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    3737    </address>
    39     <!-- contact mask form: Not wanted, until now. -->
    40     <!--
    41     <h3>Contact us now</h3>
    42     <p>If desired you can contact us also by using the following input mask:</p>
    43     -#set var="lang" value="en" -
    44     -#include virtual="/etc/contact/" -
    45     -->
     39    <br/>
     41    <h3>Image use policy and information about reusing technikum29 website contents</h3>
     42    <p>Since we recieved a great number of image usage requests, the following information
     43       may give you an overview how you can resue the contents, especially the pictures,
     44       of the museal website.</p>
     45    <p>Basically, everything on this website is protected by international copyright
     46       law. On the other hand, there are useful limitations and exceptions to copyright
     47       law. To create clarification, please distinguish:</p>
     49    <ol>
     50       <li>If you want to use one or multiple pictures in the private domain, e.g. for
     51           presentations, you can take any pictures without request.</li>
     53       <li>If you want to publish our pictures within your document, but without any
     54           view to profit (e.g. on private websites, company-internal publications,
     55           anything in the educational and scientifical domain like lectures, papers,
     56           books, presentations, etc.), we can grant you free authorization on request
     57           if it is clearly evident that your work is for non-profit.</li>
     59       <li>If you want to publish our pictures within your document and you want
     60           to make profit with that document (e.g. commercial magazines, books, web
     61           sites, stock image usage, etc.) you must make a request. We usually grant
     62           permissions for royalty. Prices vary heavily depending on the intended
     63           usage, picture size, print run, etc.</li>
     64    </ol>
     66    <p>We can send you partially high resolution pictures. If the situations #2 or #3
     67       apply in your case, please get in touch with us.</p>
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