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    105105              <li>In the center there is the HP 9100 (see
    106106                  <a href="/en/computer/programmable.php#Hewlett_Packard_HP_9100">Programmable
    107                   second-generation calculators</a> for description)</li>
     107                  second-generation calculators</a> for description)</li><br>
    108108              <li>Above the successor model HP 9810 (same logic like the HP 9100
    109109                  but uses TTL-ICs), uses the very first LED displays that are
    110                   still very small and have only three rows.</li>
     110                  still very small and have only three rows.</li><br>
    111111              <li>At the bottom the next model, HP 9820 (year of manufacture 1971)
    112112                  with alphanumerical 7x5 pixel LED display.
    113               </li>
     113              </li><br>
    114114              <li>At the top the best known computer from HP: HP 9830, year of manufacture 1972
    115115                  with paper tape reader, puncher and plotter. This is the world's first desk
    116                   calculator that can be programmed with BASIC.</li>
     116                  calculator that can be programmed with BASIC.</li><br>
    117117            </ul>
    118118          </div>
  • en/computer/univac9200.php

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    128128                time. If only one of the 140 printer columns is not working correctly, the whole
    129129                printer goes offline to avoid any wrong output.
    130         <br>><br><b>10.05.2010:</b> We managed to get the plated wire storage online. We
     130        <br><br><b>10.05.2010:</b> We managed to get the plated wire storage online. We
    131131            can even start some small test programs via the input switches, but there are
    132132                bugs while running. This is perhaps the only device that still uses the old
  • en/physical-computing.php

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    9 <header class="teaser physical-computing">
     9<header class="teaser physical-computing seitenstart">
    1010        <h2>
    1111        <span class="subtext">Workshops for children and teenagers at technikum29</span>
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