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    6464         <p class="small">We would like to express our thanks to the University of Muenster who donated this system.</p>
     67         <h3 id="wang-pcs"><b>WANG PCS II</b></h3><br>
     69        1977 WANG introduced the new computer PCS-II, a much more compact system than
     70the 2200-series. The central processor was still implemented with discrete TTL
     71ICs and shared a common enclosure with all necessary interface connectors and
     72the power supply. A dual 5.25" diskette drive was attached at the top, so the
     73only other peripheral device was a printer. Memory could be expanded up to 32
     74kB, as small as the memory featured by the much cheaper PET made by Commodore.
     76        <div class="box left">
     77        <img src="/shared/photos/rechnertechnik/wang-pcs-2.jpg" width="241"  height="202"/>
     78        <img src="/shared/photos/rechnertechnik/wang-pcs-2-innen.jpg" width="268"  height="202"/>
     79        </div>
     81        The picture shows the implementation of the machine. All in all, four printed
     82circuit boards (PCBs for short) crammed with ICs, were required. Repairing a
     83machine like this can easily turn out to be a veritable nightmare.
     84        <br>
     85        The machine was much too expensive for private citizens: In 1978, one would
     86have had to pay 20 000 DM for a machine like this. A reasonable car like a
     87FORD Capri Sportcoupe would have cost only 12 000 DM in comparison!
     88        <br>
     90        <p class="bildtext small">This beautifully preserved machine is currently not functional. We would trade
     91it for another, equally valuable system suitable for our museum. If you are
     92interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.</p>
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