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    1919<div id="content">
    2020    <h2><!--#echo var="title" --></h2>
     22        <p>The Univac 9200 is a punch card computing data center from 1966. It is not
     23           common that such old devices are completely preserverd, furthermore all
     24           manuals are available. This system was stored over four years in the museum
     25           archives until we moved it with a freight company just into the museum, next
     26           to the <a href="univac9400.shtm">UNIVAC 9400</a>.</p>
     28        <p>The restauration started with cleaning all the devices, removing the typical
     29           old rotten noise-absorbing mats at the very first. They have been replaced by
     30           brand new cellular rubber.</p>
    22         <p><i>This page is currently under construction. Please come again later to get the latest information.</i></p>
     32    <p>We expect most of the problems with all the mechanical parts that take most
     33           of the place in the cabins. We already removed transportation lockings
     34           <!-- LOL - wirkt inhaltich echt behindert, sowas geht sonst ja schnell ;) -->
     35           and replaced some bearings, drive rollers and belts. The card puncher features
     36           15 timing belts, for instance.
     37           The card reader (500 cards/minute) works again and the puncher mechanics is
     38           now executable, too. The processor link of these auxillary devices is another
     39           issue and will be checked in the near future.</p>
    2441        <div class="box center auto-bildbreite">
    2643                <p class="bildtext"><b>UNIVAC 9200</b> electronic data processing system, uncovered while being restored</p>
    2744        </div>
     46        <p>For optical reasons, we will also repaint the cases.</p>
     47        <p>Afterwards, we will address the bar printer. In contrast to the already
     48       mentioned devices, the printer cannot be controlled manually, so we will
     49           start up the processor, too. This will be a buggy job, too.
     50           But all the work is not for nothing, <!-- sic! gute uebersetzung -->
     51           since the system is really unique, featuring punch card assembler programming.</p>
     53        <p><i>We will continuously update this page about the progress of the reparation.
     54           Please come again later to get the latest details.</i></p>
    2956</div><!-- end of content -->
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