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     69        <div class="box left clear-after">
     70                <img src="/shared/photos/rechnertechnik/lab-12.jpg" width="400" height="485" alt="DEC LAB-12" />
     71        <div class="bildtext">
     72                        <h3 id="pdp12">PDP-12, LAB-12</h3>
     73                        <p>The PDP-12 was released in 1969. It was the last series that
     74                        could operate in Link modus (it could be switched to either Link-8
     75                        or PDP-8). This is a laboratory computer, equipped with AD and DA
     76                        converter as standard. Such computers were usually kept up to date
     77                        with hardware updates. The memory of this device was gradually
     78                        increased from 8kB up to 32kB (DW 08E storage extension).
     79                        <br>Beside the tape drives, the computer was also equipped with
     80                        an 8-inch floppy drive. Afterwards they were removed again in
     81                        favor of two removable disk drives. Finally they even tied the
     82                        device to 10BASE-T ethernet, using a selfmade controller with an
     83                        handwritten TCP/IP stack on a selfmade operating system.
     84                        Thus this device can demonstrate the era of paper tapes until
     85                        today's storage standard.
     86                        <br>We will repair it and report further details at this point.</p>
     87                </div>
     88        </div>
    6990    <div class="box left clear-after">
    7091        <a href="/en/devices/lab_8e.shtm" name="lab8e"><img src="/shared/photos/rechnertechnik/dec/lab8e.jpg" width="400" height="461" alt="LAB 8e" class="nomargin-bottom" /></a>
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    3131        <div class="left clear-after">
    3232         <img src="/shared/photos/rechnertechnik/pdp12.jpg" width="350" height="426" alt="DEC Clinical LAB12" />
    33          <p class="bildtext">An important new <a href="/en/computer/early-computers.shtm">scientifical computer</a>:
    34             A PDP-12 (actually Clinical LAB 12) from DEC, year of manufacture 1968/69.
     33         <p class="bildtext">An important new scientifical computer:
     34            A <a class="go" href="/en/computer/early-computers.shtm#pdp12">PDP-12 (actually Clinical LAB 12) from DEC</a>, year of manufacture 1968/69.
    3535            <br>This well equipped laboratory computer fills the gap of 12 bit computers made by DEC from 1965 to 1971.
    36             <br>More information will follow soon.
    3736         </p>
    3837        </div>
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