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Drucker Gamma 10 eingebunden

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    123123     <p>While our GAMMA 10 is in a very good shape, we cannot use the
    124         printer any more, since all electronics are missing.
    125         Therefore we have set up an ANALEX printer (series 5) from 1965.
    126         At that time, this printer was the fastest printer on earth, printing
    127         1250 lines per minute. Of course he may slow down a bit for our GAMMA 10.
    128         Connecting this device to the BULL computer is supposed to be a
    129         quite complex problem. We will report about the progress on the
    130         page <a href="../development-projects.php">Development Projects</a>,
    131         soon.</p>
     124        printer any more, since all electronics are missing.<br>
     125        But we were very lucky: We got a printer from the "Federation des Equipes Bull"
     126from France which is a perfect match for our Gamma 10. Although some parts like
     127the outer enclosing are missing we can use parts from another printer that is
     128beyond repair to restore this printer to working condition. Nevertheless this
     129will be a lot of work.</p>
     131<div class="box center auto-bildbreite">
     132                <img src="/shared/photos/rechnertechnik/bull-i50.jpg" alt="Drucker-Fragment" width="640" height="480" />
     133                <div class="bildtext">
     134                <p><b>Printer waiting for its restoration</b>
     135                </div></div></p>
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