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    7575controller was developed.</small> <br>
     77<h3>Siemens computer for demonstration</h3>
     79<div class="box center">
     80        <img src="/shared/photos/rechnertechnik/siemens-democomputer.jpg" alt="Siemens-Democomputer" width="700" height="587" class="nomargin-bottom" />
     81                <p class="center"><b>Siemens computer</b></p>
     82        </div>
     84<p>The demonstration model shown above was built in 1973 by Siemens (Germany). It
     85was used as an educational tool for technicians and engineers. The large
     86machine on the right was built in rather high numbers for computer science
     87courses and the like. Even today it can be used to show the basic principles of
     88instruction processing, internal cycles etc. Its short word length of only 4
     89bits is sufficient for this.<br>
     90The program can be setup on the left by use of plugs containing various binary
     91values representing the instructions of the machine. The "computer" can be
     92operated in either one of two modes: cycle mode or instruction mode. In
     93addition to that its clock cycle time can be set arbitrarily or single step
     94mode can be selected. 126 incandescent lights show the data flow through the
     95registers, the operation of the control circuitry, the arithmetic/logic unit
     96and the memory locations.<br><br>
     98The demonstration model represents a bit-parallel program controller computer.
     99The currently implemented program adds to binary values. It demonstrates that
     100even short word lengths do not necessarily restrict the range of values that
     101can be processed by such a machine.<br>
     105 It is a truly wonderful machine that displays the elementary processes taking
     106place in every computer even today.</p>
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