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Jul 24, 2009, 3:23:57 AM (11 years ago)

Documentation improved:

  • documentation/index.php: Fixed nasty IE6/IE7 display bug with newlines/tabs, renamed topmost "Start" => "Home", linked all elements in header (quick & dirty)
  • documentation/style.css: Various design improvements :-)
  • documentation/start.htm: New homepage with better text

-- Sven @ sveni-p3

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  • documentation/index.php

    r35 r37  
    103103<div id="header">
    104   <h1>The Punched Paper Project</h1>
    105   <p class="subtitle">/<?=$filename; ?></p>
    106   <a href="" class="powered-by"><img src="<?=$_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'].'/'.$doc; ?>/src/powered-by-icon.png" alt="technikum29 development zone"></a>
     104  <h1><a href="<?=$_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME']; ?>">The Punched Paper Project</a></h1>
     105  <p class="subtitle"><a href="<?=$_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'].'/../../'.$filename; ?>" title="Read the original file">/<?=$filename; ?></a></p>
     106  <a href="" class="powered-by"><img src="<?=$_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'].'/'.$doc; ?>/src/powered-by-icon.png" alt="a project from the technikum29 development zone"></a>
    108108<div id="navigation">
    111111 $nav = array(
    112112        #all URLs are taken relative to one subdir (e.g. documentation/).
    113         'Start' => $default_page,
     113        'Home' => $default_page,
    114114        'The Paper Tape Project' => array(
    115115                'Start' => $doc.'/paper-tape-project.htm',
    153153    global $filename;
    154154    print "<ul>"; foreach($nav as $name => $url) {
    155         echo "\t<li>";
     155        echo "<li>";
    156156        if(is_array($url)) {
    157            print "<em>$name</em>\n"; print_nav($url);
     157           print "<em>$name</em>"; print_nav($url);
    158158        } else
    159            print $url == $filename ? "<strong>$name</strong>" : "<a href=\"$_SERVER[SCRIPT_NAME]/$url\">$name</a>";
    160         echo "</li>\n";
     159           print $url == $filename ? "<strong title=\"You're currently on that page\">$name</strong>" : "<a href=\"$_SERVER[SCRIPT_NAME]/$url\">$name</a>";
     160        echo "</li>";
    161161    }
    162     print "</ul>\n";
     162    print "</ul>";
    163163 }
    164164 print_nav($nav);
    172172<div id="footer">
    173   Last modified: <?=date('r', $last_modified_time); ?>
     173  This page was last modified at <?=date('r', $last_modified_time); ?>
    174174  <br/>
    175175  Further reading:
  • documentation/start.htm

    r31 r37  
     4<div style="float: left; width: 49%;"><!-- left column -->
     6<div class="box">
     7    <h2>Welcome to the Punched Paper Project</h2>
     8    <p>The goal of this project
     9    is to process obsolete storage media like <a href="paper-tape-project.htm">paper tapes</a>
     10    and <a href="punch-card.htm">punch cards</a> with today's computers on
     11    common platforms like GNU/Linux and <a href="../paper-tape/WINDOWS.txt">Microsoft Windows</a>.
     12    </p>
     15<div class="box">
     16    <h2>Why?</h2>
     17        <p>At first you should know that there's a german computer museum,
     18        <a href="">technikum29</a>, which has very old computer
     19        equipment that still runs. Many computers exclusively use paper tapes or punch cards
     20        as storage media. So we've got lot's of devices around that want to be fed with data
     21        and programs. Now if you can write your programs at today's PCs and simply
     22        "print" them out on paper tapes, that's really practical. The same is for reading
     23        in paper tapes into ordinary files on computers. By this way, you can send the
     24        contents of paper tapes around the world via e-mail :-)</p>
     27<div class="box">
     28   <h2>Can I use it?</h2>
     29   <p>Short answer: Yes, you can! Simply check out <a href="svn://"
     30   >svn://</a>, compile the source code and run it.</p>
     31   <p>Long answer: The quality differs from subproject to subproject, and there may
     32   be programs that won't run on your platform or which are very buggy. Take in mind
     33   that the drivers are &ndash; of course &ndash; specific to the devices, you can't
     34   simply plug any paper tape device on your computer and think it would run with
     35   our drivers.</p>
     36   <p>Simply browse throught the documentation on this homepage and get an idea of
     37   what this project is about.</p>
     40<div class="box">
     41   <h2>What's about the name?</h2>
     42   <p>This project started as <b>Paper Tape Project</b> in 2008. In
     43   2009, we got the idea to make punch card devices run at computers,
     44   too. So I've renamed the whole project to <b>Punched Paper Project</b>
     47</div><!--left column-->
     48<div style="margin-left: 49%;">
    451<a href=""
    5    title="Some Flickr link to paper tape art ;-)">
    6 <img src="../paper-tape/web-frontend/design/logo.png"
    7    style="float:right; margin:0 0 20px 20px;" alt="Flying paper tape">
     52   title="Yes, there are some screenshots planned ;-)">
     53   <img src="../paper-tape/web-frontend/design/logo.png" alt="Flying paper tape">
    10 <p>Welcome to the <b>Punched Paper Project</b>. This is a small website
    11    that informs you about the goals and progress of that project</p>
     57<div class="box">
     58   <h2>The Paper Tape Project</h2>
     59   <p>The big  final aim of the <b>Paper Tape Project</b> is to provide a complete
     60   program suite for viewing, editing, comparing, punching and reading in
     61   paper tapes on computers. The project has started with user space drivers
     62   that make PCs capable to communicate with paper tape readers and writers
     63   under various operating systems (GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows). Then I've
     64   written visualizing tools, using Cairo and GTK+. Afterwards I've written
     65   utilities to punch rendered text in various fonts on paper tapes. The final
     66   project is written in C++ and gtkmm.</p>
    13 <h2>In a nutshell</h2>
    14 <p>The goal of this project is to handle various antiquated storage
    15    media with today's computers. Such media are especially paper tapes
    16    and punch cards.
    17    <br/>This project started as <b>Paper Tape Project</b> with drivers
    18    that make PCs capable to
    19    communicate with paper tape readers and writers, so we can now read
    20    and write paper tapes under various operating systems (GNU/Linux,
    21    Micrsoft Windows). Then we got visualizing and operating tools for
    22    paper tape data, as well as font/label generators for paper tapes.
    23    <br/>In 2009, we got the idea to make punch card devices run at
    24    computers, too. So I've renamed the whole project to <b>Punched
    25    Paper Project</b>.
    26 </p>
    28 <h2>Who's running the project</h2>
    29 <p>The Punched Paper Project is an <b>Open Source</b> project by a
    30    german student. It's hosted on the servers of the german
    31    <a href="">techniku29 museum of calculator,
    32    computer and communication technology</a>.
    33 </p>
    35 <p>Feel free to contact me for any purpose via E-Mail at <em>sven</em> at
     69<div class="box">
     70   <h2>Who's running the project</h2>
     71   <p>The Punched Paper Project is an <b>Open Source</b> project, hosted on the
     72   servers of the german <a href="">techniku29 museum of
     73   calculator, computer and communication technology</a>. There's currently one
     74   active developer and the project is in <b>Development state</b> (not mature
     75   at all).</p>
     77   <p>Feel free to contact me for any purpose via E-Mail at <em>sven</em> at
    3678   <a href="" title="Link just for antispam"
    3779   ></a> or by using the form mailer at
    3880   the <a href="">technikum29
    3981   foreign correspondence</a> (these mails go to the same target address)</p>
     83   <p>See <a href="">sven.k&ouml;</a> for further details.</p>
     86</div><!--right column -->
  • documentation/style.css

    r30 r37  
     36#header h1 a:link, #header h1 a:visited  {
     37    color: white;
     38        text-decoration: none;
     41#header h1 a:hover, #header h1 a:focus {
     42    text-decoration: underline;
    3645#header p.subtitle {
    3746        color: #ce5c00;
    3847        font-family: monospace;
    3948        margin: 0; padding: 0;
     51#header p.subtitle a:link, #header p.subtitle a:visited {
     52    text-decoration: none;
     53        color: #ce5c00;
     56#header p.subtitle a:hover, #header p.substitle a:focus {
     57    text-decoration: underline;
    86 #navigation a:link, #navigation a:visited {
     104#navigation a:link, #navigation a:visited,
     105#content a:link, #content a:visited {
    87106        color: #3465a4;
    90 #navigation a:hover {
     109#navigation a:hover ,
     110#content a:hover {
    91111        background-color: #fff;
    92112        color: #f57900;
    96115#content {
    97116        margin-left: 195px;
    98         padding: 15px;
     117        padding: 20px 10px;
    100119        text-align: justify;
    104 #content a:link {
    105         color: #3465a4; /* from #navigation */
     123#content .box {
     124    /* Used on starting page */
     125        background-color: #F5F5F5;
     126    border: 2px solid black;
     127        padding: 15px;
     128        margin: 10px;
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