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  • en/communication/sound_technology.shtm

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    3434    <div class="box center">
    35         <img src="/shared/photos/kommunikationstechnik/diktiergeraet_kosmograph.jpg" width="531" height="343" alt="Diktierger&auml;t KOSMOGRAPH" />
     35        <img src="/shared/photos/kommunikationstechnik/kosmograph.jpg" width="546" height="407" alt="Dictating-machine KOSMOGRAPH" />
    3636        <p class="bildtext center">Dictating-machine <b>KOSMOGRAPH</b> from the dictating machine factury of Dresden (1935)</p>
    3737    </div>
    4545    <div class="box center">
    46         <a href="/en/devices/schaub-lorenz-supraphon.shtm" name="backlink-supraphon" title="See a More detailed photography"><img src="/shared/photos/kommunikationstechnik/schaub-lorenz_supraphon.jpg" alt="Schaub Lorenz Supraphon" width="546" height="418" /></a>
     46        <a href="/en/devices/schaub-lorenz-supraphon.shtm" name="backlink-supraphon" title="See a More detailed photography"><img src="/shared/photos/kommunikationstechnik/schaub-lorenz-supraphon.jpg" alt="Schaub Lorenz Supraphon" width="546" height="561" /></a>
    4747        <div class="bildtext-bildbreite" style="width: 546px">
    4848            <b>(Schaub-)Lorenz Supraphon</b>, year of manufacture 1952
  • en/computer/commercial.shtm

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    2020    <meta name="t29.comment" content="Mit v5.7.5 neueingeführt, Initialübersetzung von de" />
    2121    <!--t29: v5.7.5: komplett B.Ulmann-Übersetzung -->
     22    <!--t29: v5.7.später: Sync (NCR-Rechner-Bild Dimensionen geaendert, Heribert) -->
    3738    </div>
    39     <div class="box left">
    40         <img src="/shared/photos/rechnertechnik/ncr-rechner.jpg" alt="NCR 446 Rechner" width="535" height="355" />
     40    <div class="box center">
     41        <img src="/shared/photos/rechnertechnik/ncr-rechner.jpg" alt="NCR 446 Rechner" width="670" height="433" />
    4142        <p class="bildtext">Apart from desktop calculators other small computer systems were introduced to solve commercial problems. The <b>NCR 446</b> on display is a so called accounting machine and consists of a paper tape reader and punch, a keyboard and an IBM selectric typewriter as printer. It was built 1968 in Germany. Due to its core memory and woven ROM the machine is freely programmable and thus very versatile.</p>
    42         <div class="clear">&nbsp;</div>
    4343        <!-- das war B.Ulmann. Meine Übersetzung (alt):
    4444        <img src="/shared/photos/start/ncr_rechner.jpg" alt="NCR-Rechner" style="margin-right: 25px" />
  • en/computer/storage-media.shtm

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    4747            at the end of the LC chain, the information is read in at the beginning of the
    4848            chain again. In this way it runs permanentely throught the delay line memory.
    49             <br/>The pictures show a memory unit which is capable of storing onley one decimal
    50             integer with 12 digits. Obviously storage was very expensive in the early
     49            <br/>The pictures show a memory unit which is capable of storing a decimal
     50            integer with only 12 digits. Obviously storage was very expensive in the early
    5151            times of computing.
    5252            </p>
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    38 <pre><!--#printenv --></pre>
    4038    <!--#if expr="$how = yet" -->
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