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     3  <title>The visualisation project web frontend - generating paper tape images</title>
    2    The Paper Tape Project -- The Visualisation Web frontend project
    3    ================================================================
     7<h2>The Paper Tape Project -- The Visualisation Web frontend project</h2>
    510   This is a web frontend to the visualisation subproject. It uses
    611   PHP and Ajax and is capable to render files up to several
    914   configurable (every detail you can change at the LOCHSTREIFEN
    1015   object can be changed in the HTML form). Thus the
    11    HTML <form> is quite complex, but very friendly to DAUs
     16   HTML form is quite complex, but very friendly to DAUs
    1217   (a german expression for "PEBKAC") due to the ability to fold
    1318   the huge form. It should be running stable but hasn't
    1419   really been tested so far. Thanks to caching every generated image
    1520   it should even stand very much rendering requests.
     24        <li>Generates <b>PNG</b> and <b>SVG</b> pictures</li>
     25        <li>Takes data by
     26     <ul>
     27            <li>HTTP file upload up to 500kb</li>
     28                <li>direct textarea input in various codes like hex array,
     29                    binary, decimal, octal, IBM hex, etc.</li>
     30                <li>label generator (interface to the font subproject)</li>
     31        </ul>
     32        <li><b>Size</b> of picture can be estimated by constant width,
     33            constand height or diameter of the holes</li>
     34        <li><b>Alignment</b> and mirroring of paper tape can be selected
     35            graphically</li>
     36        <li>All paper tape components can be dis/enabled for drawing</li>
     37        <li><b>Nullbytes</b> (with value 0x00) can be attached to the front or
     38            end of the file</li>
     39        <li>System will <b>Generate HTML reports</b> with all parameters
     40            and raw data in a nice layout</li>
     41        <li>Server side <b>buffering</b> of output data</li>
     45<p>Work is shared between two files:</p>
     47  <li><a href="index.html">index.html</a> displays the big form with CSS
     48      design and JavaScript interaction</li>
     49  <li><a href="generator.php">generator.php</a> calls the cli visualisation
     50      backend (translates HTTP GET variables to command line arguments in a
     51          secure way) and stores the results in a temporary directory together
     52          with a report HTML file where the parameters for the generated picture
     53          are saved.</li>
    17    See generator.php for more details.
    19    Sven Köppel, 19.07.2008 19:30
     56<p>Sven Köppel, 19.07.2008 19:30
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