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    127127the outer enclosing are missing we can use parts from another printer that is
    128128beyond repair to restore this printer to working condition. Nevertheless this
    129 will be a lot of work.</p>
     129was a lot of work.</p>
    131131<div class="box center auto-bildbreite">
    132                 <img src="/shared/photos/rechnertechnik/bull-i50.jpg" alt="Drucker-Fragment" width="640" height="480" />
     132                <img src="/shared/photos/rechnertechnik/bull-i50,vor-nachher.jpg" alt="Drucker-I 50" width="851" height="316" />
    133133                <div class="bildtext">
    134                 <p><b>Printer waiting for its restoration</b>
     134                <p><b>BULL I 50: Before a printer fragment and afterwards fully functional </b></p><br>
    135135                </div></div></p>
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    179179          <p><b>ANELEX high speed printer, series 5</b>,
    180180             with lifted cover.</p>
    181                   <p>This printer could be a good auxillary device to the GAMMA 10
    182                      computer: It is a drum printer, like the original printer,
    183                          and the cirtcuitry operates also on a negative logic level
    184                          (germanium transistors). Anelex uses a core memory for the
    185                          buffer, too. Anyway the printer cannot simply be plugged into
    186                          the computer, because the original BULL printer works with
    187                          the buffer memory which is placed directly in the CPU of the
    188                          GAMMA 10. Since we don't want to modify the GAMMA 10 internal
    189                          architecture, we currently implement a microcontroller driven
    190                          interface between those two systems.
     181                  <p>Just standing in front of this behemoth is an impressive experience. The
     182overall weight of this mechanical wonder amounts to 635 kg and is sturdy
     183enough to print a next to uncountable number of pages without any major
     184defects. The series 5 printer was developed in the USA in 1963/64 and was
     185used by many computer manufacturers (as a matter of fact, even ZUSE used this
     186printer for the Z-23 - other examples include the Electrologica X8 from the
     187Netherlands etc.). Being able to print 1250 lines per minute it was the
     188fastest printer until 1965.<br>
     189Our ANELEX printer has been repaired and can now be controlled by a
     190microcontroller which in turn can be connected to a Laptop or the like. This
     191is a nice example of a symbiosis of old and modern computing technology.
    191192                  </p>
    192193        </div>
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