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Reparatur-Blog + Bild für IBM 1130 eingefügt.
Engl. Text für Programma 101 erneuert.

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    1414       <img src="/shared/photos/rechnertechnik/olivetti_p203.jpg" alt="Olivetti P203" width="406" height="378" />
    1515       <div class="bildtext">
    16           <p>In 1968 the Olivetti P 101 with enlarged memory capacity was coupled with an electric typewriter which led to a system capable of printing the results of computations directly. This system is of a remarkable design and won quite some prizes for Olivetti in its time. Later machines made by Olivetti departed from that and were packaged in simple cubic enclosures.</p>
     16          <p>In 1968, P101 which has been extended with more memory, was coupled to a
     17typewriter. This made it possible to print tables and the like automatically.
     18It is interesting to note that the computer was only capable to print numbers -
     19text data had to be typed manually on the keyboard.<br>
     20 One of the most remarkable features of this 'computer' is its enclosure. It
     21was designed by the Italian designer 'Mario Bellini' and got quite some awards.
     22Even today the style of the machine is admired by many. <br>
     23 Unfortunately, Olivetti dropped this design and later machines were just plain
     24cubes in the style of the 1970s.</p>
    1725        </div>
    1826    </div>
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