Dec 16, 2009, 2:47:25 AM (10 years ago)

Punch Card Editor: Code reordering and class renaming, rewriting.
Now using the namespace QPunchCard everywhere.

Parted the whole application into 5 parts/directories:

  • app: The application core with MainWindow and main() function
  • qpunchcard: Everything directly binary card related (no interpretation): modeling, input/output, view. Most important classes are Card, Deck, FileFormat, Widget
  • text: Everything related to text interpretation of Cards/Card Decks. Having the abstract Codec classes and the Text::Editor, Text::EditorDock
  • deckviewer: Application components like binary card editing central widget (CardEditor) and Navigator (Model View Controller classes)
  • driver: Basis for the driver framework, must be written soon.

Deck now hides the complete Storage to implement frontend methods that
implement versioning (Undo framework). All code was cleaned up, but doesn't
compile right now (still quite some non heavy errors).

-- Sven @ workstation

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