Changeset 53 in projects for punch-card/punch-card-editor/src/libs

Dec 24, 2009, 4:17:54 AM (10 years ago)

Punch Card Editor, ongoing development

  • Extended new Deck interface, expanding the undo framework
  • Implemented editor changes via undo framework
  • revised the menu and toolbar actions and structure (now dynamic construction at deck load time), implemented undo viewer
  • Started implementation of device driver framework in menu
  • Embedded the Qextserialport library (
  • Started the Documation M200 Client device driver (well, just created the directory structure and qmake project file infrastructure)
  • At the current state, the complete project compiles :-)

Statistics: About 3500 Lines of code (without libqextserialport)

-- sven @ workstation

91 added
2 deleted

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