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    106106The next test involved the console printer: A working console printer is necessary to communicate
    107107with the machine - unfortunately, this test showed that the printer is still
    108 faulty. Currently, we suspect resinified oil as the culprit. Stay tuned...
     108faulty. Currently, we suspect resinified oil as the culprit. <br><br>
     110<b>31.08.2014:</b> We would like to thank the people from the "Verein fuer ein Museum
     111der Lochkartentechnik",, who donated a set of plug in cards
     112for the IBM 1131 processor. Without these spares our repair attempts would be
     113next to impossible due to the SLT technology.<br>
     114 Further tests showed that memory and CPU test run flawlessly but the
     115keyboard/printer-test still fails.<br><br>
     117<b>07.09.2014:</b> We experienced some set-backs during our initial restoration
     118attempts. This was not that unexpected since the machines have been sitting
     119idle for several decades. We have at least two different problems in the
     120machine. Without diagnostic programs, any repair attempt would be in vain. Just
     121the keyboard/printer test shows two errors:<br>
     1231) After running for some time, the attempt to read programs from punched cards
     124will print out "E0004   CKSUM" on the console typewriter which denotes a
     125checksum error; the checksum stored on the card differs from that computed by
     126the CPU based on the data read. Possible causes for this type of error are
     127missing/wrongly placed cards, reader errors or a CPU error. The first
     128possibility can be ruled out, so the error is either in the reader or in the
     1312) The second error we experience is "E0001   INVLD" denoting an erroneous
     132address in the switch register for that particular test. Unfortunately the
     133address set on the switches is correct so another problem is still lurking in
     134the machine.
    110137                </small>
    111138                <p><em>This section will be gradually continued.</em></p>
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