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    5555the machine.<br><br>
     57<b>13.09.2014:</b> The next step involved testing the card punch 1442 by means of
     58the diagnostic tests. The test program punches cards with certain patterns in
     59a first step. These cards are then read back in a second step and compared
     60with the expected patterns to reveal any differences. Our punch only punches
     61the first 40 columns of a card which is obviously an error. Fortunately, the
     62console printer works fine despite the error message generated by the
     63console-test program (07.09.2014).<br><br>
     65<b>20.09.2014:</b> We are currently creating a list of known problems regarding the
     661132 printer. Its restoration is especially challenging. After being unused
     67for more than 30 years, the oil has become gummy, so just powering the
     68printer is not an option, too many things could and would be damaged. Thus,
     69all moving parts have to be inspected manually. It turned out that the
     70central driveshaft is stuck. Therefore, the motor was removed and restored
     71indecently. In addition to this, the remaining printer parts have been heated
     72with a heater blower and sprayed with W40 lubricating oil. After these steps,
     73the driveshaft could be rotated manually, so the motor was installed again.
     74Now the mechanics of the printer runs smoothly without any signs of trouble.<br><br>
    5876<p><b><em>This section will be gradually continued.</em></b></p>
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