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    6060    <h3 id="run-time-memory">Magnetostrictive memory</h3>
    6263    <div class="box center manuelle-bildbreite" style="max-width: 860px;">
    6364        <img src="/shared/photos/rechnertechnik/speichermedien/laufzeitspeicher.jpg" alt="Photography of a magnetostrictive memory" width="421" height="393" />
    7273        <h3 id="core-memory">Core memory</h3>
     75        <div class="box left clear-after">
     76<a class="popup" href="/shared/photos/rechnertechnik/speichermedien/demo-kernspeicher.jpg">
     77        <img src="/shared/photos/rechnertechnik/speichermedien/demo-kernspeicher.jpg" width="428" height="321" /> </a>
     79        <p class="bildtext"><b>Core memory demonstration model, Transfluxor</b><br>(you can enlarge the picture!)</p>
     82This giant core memory has been used for teaching purposes in a university in
     83the late 1950s and early 1960s. It is a fully functional model of a special
     84type of core memory. Its size can be estimated by means of the wine bottle
     85visible in the background.<br>
     86In contrast to the more common "core memory" store used in most computers until
     87the advent of semiconductor memory, this device uses so-called Transfluxor
     88cores with a diameter of 8.5mm. These have a very peculiar shape - not the
     89simple donut structure of a traditional core. This results in a separation of
     90magnetic flux domains which allows a non-destructive read out - a definitive
     91advantage over traditional core-memories. Alas, this comes at a cost: The
     92control of such a memory system is more complicated compared with a traditional
     93core memory. Nevertheless it was used in telecommunications equipment like
     94telephone exchanges.<br><br>
     95The creation of this demonstration device must have required an awful amount of
     96time. Having a look at this <a class="popup" href="/shared/photos/rechnertechnik/speichermedien/demo-kernspeicher-ausschnitt.jpg"> detailed view of the memory</a> gives an impression of its complexity. Each Transfluxor has two holes through which thin wires are threaded.
     97 </p>
    73100    <div class="box center auto-bildbreite">
    74101        <img src="/shared/photos/rechnertechnik/speichermedien/triumph-kernspeicher.jpg" alt="Core memory made by Triumph" width="694" height="520" />
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