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    8585stuck. How an SLT circuit can be repaired is described in more detail here:
    8686<a href="/shared/photos/rechnertechnik/ibm1130/SLT-layout+schematic.pdf">Deeper insights.</a>
     89<b>3.12.2014:</b> As already noted on September 13th, the IBM 1442 model 6 card punch
     90creates erroneous hole patterns on the cards. Fortunately, we have a second
     91IBM 1442 which we connected to the machine after adjusting all necessary parts.
     92 This is a model 7 and thus faster than the model 6 it replaced. With a working
     93card punch it is now clear that the processor is working correctly, and the
     94fault must be on the side of the original 1142. <br>
     95 We were also able to repair the defective 6th bit in the printer buffer (cf.
     9630.09.2014) by replacing the faulty SLT module (the two defective transistors
     97could not be replaced). <br><br>
     99                <b>25.1.2015:</b> After cleaning all moving parts in the 1132 printer as well as in
     100the console printer and adjusting both of them, the overall system is now fully
     101working as a punched card computer.<br>
     102The next project will be the restauration of the 2310 disk drive. Unfortunately we have no spare hard sectored removeable disks with eight sectors for this drive. All we have are hard sectored disks with 16 sectors. Accordingly we will try to convert one of these to eight
     103sectors by masking every second index slot.
    90105<p><b><em>This section will be gradually continued.</em></b></p>
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