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    7070            IBM 029 (build since 1964), on the right hand the JUKI puncher
    7171            (made in Japan). The JUKI puncher is not accidentally looking
    72             like the IBM: In 1971 IBM brought the puncher 129 on the market
    73             which buffers the content of the whole punchcard while reading.
    74             Therefore IBM selled the license to reproduce the machine. In
     72            like the IBM: The type 129 card punch was introduced by IBM in 1971. It is capable of storing
     73the contents of a whole card prior to punching it, thus making corrections
     74possible. Therefore IBM selled the license of the 029 to reproduce the machine. In
    7575            1971, the IBM 029 costed about 15.500 DM.
    7676        </p>
     78          <div class="box center auto-bildbreite" id="129">
     79        <img src="/shared/photos/rechnertechnik/ibm129.jpg" alt="IBM 129" width="580" height="375" />
     80        <p class="bildtext"><b>IBM 129 Card Data Recorder.</b></p></div>
     82                <p>
     83                IBM's answer to the electronic card punch UNIVAC 1710 was its most
     84sophisticated and last member of its venerable family of card punched, the
     85model 129. Every usable modern technology was incorporated in this device: Data
     86and punch programs were stored in a FET-based memory, early seven-segment LED
     87displays were used to diplay the current column, the card transport employed a
     88stepper motor. A very complex SLT-based control logic implements a wide
     89variety of features: Verification of punched cards, printing the data stored on
     90a card on its edge, storing up to six customized card formats etc.<br>
     92The IBM 129 is a rather rare find since the market for card punches was already
     93saturated in the early 1970s. In addition to this the decline of punch card
     94equipment was already forseeable.<br>
     96Our machine has a serial line interface as an add-on which we are currently
    78101        <div class="box center auto-bildbreite" id="u1710">
    79102        <a name="univac1710"><img src="/shared/photos/rechnertechnik/univac1710.jpg" alt="UNIVAC 1710 Verifying Interpreting Punch" width="580" height="435" /></a>
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    1717           <ul class="news-feed news-ng">
     19         <li><a href="/en/computer/punchcard.php#129">
     20        <h3>April 2015</h3>
     21    <img src="/shared/photos/rechnertechnik/ibm129.jpg" width="153" height="99" />
     22        The Last model of a card punch: IBM 129 Card Data Recorder
     23with fully electronic control
    1929           <li><a href="/en/computer/ibm1130.php#ibm1130">
    2030                                <h3>March 2015</h3>
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