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-- Sven auf dem Balkoncomputer mit vielen zwar die Fliegentiere fernhaltenden, aber mit Wachs Tischdecken und anderers Mobiliar zerstörenden Kerzen. Wenigstens gehe ich jetzt benjigassi :-)

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    3739      </div>
     41    <!-- paragraph: AEG Oszi. Translated/Started at 28.07.08-->
     42    <div class="box right">
     43          <img src="/shared/photos/kommunikationstechnik/aeg-oszi.jpg" alt="Photography of an AEG oscilloscope" width="425" height="419" class="nomargin-bottom" />
     44                  <p class="bildtext">
     45              After the currency reform in West Germany, the production
     46              of mesurement devices got going again. This AEG
     47              oscilloscope was built in 1949. It seems to be an exact
     48              replica from an AEG device of the late thirties. It is
     49              equipped with steel tubes that were put on the German
     50              market at 1938. Neither the time base of the horizontal
     51              deflection nor the amplitude of the vertical deflection
     52              are callibrated by the manufacturer. To measure
     53              absolutely with this device, you always need reference sizes.
     54          </p>
     55                  <div class="clear">&nbsp;</div>
     56      </div>
    3958      <div class="box right">
    4564      <p>In addition to the measurement technology that mostly covers the big area of counting, there are also exhibits which show how electronics was taught in schools since 1930. The picture stated below shows at the top demo models for tube technology (approx. 1935) and galvanometers, demo tubes (approx. 1939) and an oscillating circuit (variometer) under it.</p>
    47       <p>A giant leap in time from 40 years to the picture below: In the early 1970s digital electronics was taught in the school for the first time. A wonderful combination of physics, informatics and mathematics. Unfortunately that time is over. There is no more time for electronics in the curriculars. Of course that is not totally wrong: The every day electronics has developed too much away from the basis.</p>
     66    <p>On the third shelf (counted from the top, in the background) the
     67       picture shows models of transistorized circuits (from
     68       approximately 1965). The big white board in front of these models
     69       is an experience system from Leybold from the early 1970. At that
     70       time, the subject "digital electonics" was taught in the school.
     71       It was a wonderful combination of physics, informatics and
     72       mathematics.  Unfortunately that time is over, too. In ordinary
     73       schools, there is no more time for electronics in the curriculars.
     74       Of course that is not totally wrong: The every day electonics have
     75       developed too much away from the basis. Thus, the youngest
     76       generation has no more idea how it's Ipod or mobile phone works
     77       and they do not even want to learn the basics of electronics
     78       because the relationship is too complex.</p>
    4980      <div class="box center">
    50           <img src="/shared/photos/kommunikationstechnik/schulelektronik.jpg" width="464" height="372" alt="electronical tools used in schools in the 30s" />
    51       </div>
    53       <div class="box center">
    54           <img src="/shared/photos/kommunikationstechnik/digitalexperimentiersystem.jpg" width="427" height="546" alt="digital experience system, 1970" />
     81          <img src="/shared/photos/kommunikationstechnik/schulphysik.jpg" width="431" height="718" alt="Electronical tools used in schools in the 30s, along with the digital experience system, 1970." />
    5582      </div>
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