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Besseren Text fuer diese Wurzelgeschichte von der BULL-Tabelliermaschine geschrieben (englische Seite).

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    1616    <p>The tabulating machine BULL BS-PR was constructed in October 1956, thus it
    17        is the oldest pice of EDP in the museum. At these days you could buy it
    18        for about 260.000 German marks (about 62.000 US$).
     17       is the oldest piece of EDP in the museum. At these days you could buy it
     18       for about 260,000 German marks (about 62,000 US$).
    1919       Nevertheless even medium-sized businesses (especially banks) had to buy
    2020           these punch card machines to work economically.</p>
    2828       that is, devices for creation, sorting, mixing, etc. the cards.</p>
    30     <p>Our tabluating machine is now even capable of calculating and printing bank
    31        statements as well as multiplying and dividing.
    32     <!-- <LOL> -->
    33     <br/>In the year 1959 some BULL engineer asked himself why there was not some
    34        algorithm for the tabulating machine somewhere outside to compute square roots.
    35        Since he was bored, he knew already dozens of simple algorithms he learned
    36        in his study of computer science and he wanted to gouge his friends, he
    37        bet them that you could compute square roots of any real number with a
    38        tabulating machine. Since his friends have not studied computer science,
    39        they bet against it. The engineer made some programming efforts and won
    40        the bet. We came across that program, so we are currently trying to get
    41        it back running, so we can relive that historical moment. This is the <b>only tabulating machine on this earth that can calculate square roots</b>.<br>
    42            If you want to know how this is possible without memory can look here:<br>
    43            <a class="go" href="/shared/pdf/wurzelprogramm.pdf">Root program of tabulating,</a> bilinguar French/German. It is based on the so-called Toepler algorithm.
    44            <!-- </LOL> -->
     30    <p>We have digged out programs in order to enable our tabulating machine to calculate
     31       bank statements as well as multiplying and dividing. However, advanced
     32       arithmetic operations are not implemented in the computer. Anyway it is possible
     33       to implement a good deal of operations with lengthy algorithms borrowed from
     34       computer science.
     36    <p>And so it came to pass that some BULL engineer asked himself why there was not yet a
     37       way to compute square roots on the tabulating machine back then in 1959.
     38       Since he was bored, he started to bet against his friends whether he is able to
     39       implement the <em>Toepler algorithm</em> on this machine. It turned out it was
     40       possible and he won the bet. We came across that program and restored it back
     41       to operation. We happily relieved the historical moment having the <b>world's only tabulating
     42       machine that can calculate square roots</b>. The algorithm works without any memory.
     43       There is a <a class="go" href="/shared/pdf/wurzelprogramm.pdf">program guide (PDF)</a>
     44       in German and French.
    4545    </p>
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