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AVR-P40 development board

The AVR-P40 is a simple development board for AVR ATmega 8535 compatible processors. This small board provides as basis for several projects.

The Punch Card Project

We use an AVR ATmega 644 microcontroller for the Documation punch card reader interface in the PunchCardProject.

I will show you some photos at this place

  • of the wired board, embedded in the reader device (which has about twice the size of an ordinary midi PC tower)
  • a scanned plan of the wiring

The Bull Analex Project

This project is based on several microcontroller instances. We bought some of these boards to install them both in the Gamma 10 computing system as well as in the Analex Printer. Since all this is brand new stuff in the moment (April 2010), you can get further information on the BullAnalexProject page.

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