The Anelex Printer Interface Project


This is a part of the Bull-Anelex-Project. See Sourcecode in the SVN repository: source:/bull-anelex-project/trunk/anelex-interface

Current uC program features

  • interrupt-based frontend RS232 communication to the computer with hardware flow control and double buffering for reading in lines with optimal timing adjustment to the printing cyclus
  • a terminal like user interface based on the RS232 connection with a menu, ping function, help messages, debugging messages. Standard serial terminal client on computer (like Microsoft Windows HyperTerminal, Putty or Miniterm) is sufficient.
  • 3kB of internal compiled (from program memory) texts which can be used as high speed datasource for (experimental) printing out
  • The separated interrupt-driven anelex backend
  • Methods for simulating/ignoring anelex feedback lines and pushing data hardly into the printer


There is already lot's of documentation digitalized. You have access to

See more documents below.

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