The Paper Tape Project Next Generation

The goal of this project is to review the codes written in the PaperTapeProject and port them to AVR ATMega bases microcontrollers for enabling a common RS232 serial interface to all devices.

This has serveral advantages:

  • All device driver logic is seperated from computers, today's operating systems and all problems that arise with them (Vendor lockin, Real Time behaviour, Driver permissions)
  • Much cleaner development setup (one development device instead of half a dozen computers equipped with different driver and OS versions)
  • Much cleaner usage setup (just one RS232 cable or USB adapter to e.g. a notebook instead of a proprietary cable, special PCI hardware and a huge computer station setup)

The PunchCardProject has shown the usefulness of well written protocols. This will be done in this project, too. See e.g. the PC Documation M200 μC Serial Communication Protocol.

This project handles the connectivity to at least two classic devices:

  • The FACIT tape puncher
  • The Ghilmetti tape reader

It was started in late Nov 2012.

This project is the first project driven in the new technikum29 infrastructure and probabily will use a git repository or will live in the projects svn repository.

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